Join Elef Kousakis, Regional Vice President at Dynamic Yield, as he dives into the cutting-edge personalization tactics that are revolutionizing marketing strategies. This keynote offers a practical, jargon-free discussion designed for marketers eager to optimize their campaigns through advanced personalization techniques.

Elef will explore state-of-the-art methods for creating personalized customer experiences, emphasizing how AI-driven approaches can significantly enhance marketing outcomes. Key topics include the latest advancements in AI utilization and the tangible impact these innovations have on campaign performance.

The session also features Dynamic Yield’s newest product, Shopping Muse, showcasing real-world applications of AI in personalization and experimentation. Through these demonstrations, Elef equips marketers with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate AI into their strategies, driving superior results and transforming their marketing efforts.

What to expect







Insider perspectives from our team on the transformative power of AI in unlocking new opportunities for optimization.






A sneak peek into the stories and insights that await you at our presentation, giving you a taste of what’s to come at the growth marketing SUMMIT.






Interactive Q&A session to address your burning questions and concerns about AI in your CRO journey


The speaker

Bild von Eleftherios Kousakis
Eleftherios Kousakis
Regional Vice President
Dynamic Yield

Elef is a 10+ years experienced Sales Professional and passionate Manager with the ability to lead, as well as inspire and improve teams of different disciplines. After graduating in business administration, he joined a B2B-focused Digital Marketing Agency and then went on to an international SaaS company, known for its algorithm-powered recommendation engines.

Bild von André Morys
André Morys
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Management

André Morys (born 1974) is the founder and chairman of konversionsKRAFT, Germany’s leading contact for conversion optimization and strategic consulting in digital growth.

His publications include “Die digitale Wachstumsstrategie” (2018) and “Conversion Optimierung” (2011), as well as numerous articles in relevant media on online marketing. He is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg and gives numerous keynotes and presentations at national and international congresses on the topics of digital growth, e-commerce and optimization strategies.

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