It’s that time of the year again: the festive season is just around the corner, and retailers are getting crazy about discounts and personalized campaigns. The main goal seems to be hitting targets last minute and squeezing as much out of customers as possible. But how can we really stand out during festive seasons by meeting our customers where they actually are? How can we foster retention and tailor online offerings to the actual needs of our customers?

During this live webinar, André Morys, Founder of konversionsKRAFT and Christine Ostmann-Freitag, Customer Success Manager at Dynamic Yield, discuss very openly and honestly what guided selling means for them and why “THE” festive season does not exist. Continuously navigating people to what they need and standing out by delivering the best customer experience is key – the whole year long, not only responding to current events.

Join us to learn and discuss together:






What impact adapting message copy to the stage of the user journey will or won’t have





How navigation needs to be set up depending on page types





Why discounts are not the holy grail of customer satisfaction and retention





Why customer centricity is – regardless of its buzzword status – key to tailoring offerings to needs


The speakers

Bild von Christine Ostmann Freitag
Christine Ostmann Freitag
Senior Customer Success Manager
Dynamic Yield

Before joining Dynamic Yield as a Senior Customer Success Manager, Christine had more than 5 years of experience in leading German retailers such as myToys (Otto Group) and Mister Spex as a Marketing Technology Manager. Christine is passionate about the successful implementation of data-driven personalization strategies to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Bild von André Morys
André Morys
Chairman of the Board of Management

André Morys (born 1974) is the founder and chairman of konversionsKRAFT, Germany’s leading contact for conversion optimization and strategic consulting in digital growth.

His publications include “Die digitale Wachstumsstrategie” (2018) and “Conversion Optimierung” (2011), as well as numerous articles in relevant media on online marketing. He is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg and gives numerous keynotes and presentations at national and international congresses on the topics of digital growth, e-commerce and optimization strategies.

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